The joys of African game

We deliver on a promise to offer exceptional game viewing at Groenvlei farm. This is mainly due to a love of the bush but it translates to an additional feature for those visiting in the pursuit of fly fishing or wanting a tranquil and relaxing weekend away.

Currently Groenvlei farm offers visitors close encounters with:


    • Eland
    • Zebra
    • Springbok
    • Blesbok
    • Black Wildebeest
    • Red Hartebeest
    • Waterbuck
    • Reedbuck to mention a few.

  The game roam wild between the cottages and it is not uncommon to wake up to a herd of Eland grazing within arms reach. These encounters are fleeting however as all game on the farm are wild and any human presence often leads to animals seeking shelter and privacy in another section of the farm.

Game Breeding Project

Procedures are well underway to increase the size of an established herd of Cape Buffalo, and the Groenvlei team ralso plan to introduce the more rare game in the future, which may include Roan and Sable. Groenvlei Farm is Also currently breeding with Cape Eland and Common Springbok (Kalahari and Damaraland blood lines). The Groenvlei team also plan to introduce more rare game in the future which may include Livingstone Eland, Oribi, Roan and Sable.