A Jewel in the Trout Triangle

Perfectly stocked and maintained

At Groenvlei Farm we want to be known by two significant fly fishing qualities.

    1. The outstanding quality of our fish – they are fin perfect, strong and fight well above their weight class.
    2. The array of challenges that face fly fisherman at all levels of experience.  The various dams offer differing challenges from “matching the hatch” advanced techniques, to easier but still challenging smaller waters.

What we will guarantee you is truly unique fly fishing environment stocked to perfection, creating the environment ideal for trophy fish. Feel free to visit our Facebook page to check on latest conditions, or read the Vagabond Fly Magazines references as to the quality of fly fishing on the farm.

Groenvlei Farms boasts five unique dams all stocked with trout, they include:

Cottage Dam

A crystal clear 5 HA dam situated directly outside both Groenvlei Cottage and Floradale Cottage. This dam satisfies both novice and experienced anglers alike due to the varying fly-fishing scenarios.

Cottage dam offers shallows fishing, drop-off fishing and in the evening prolific hatches create match the hatch scenarios that all fly fishermen dream of.

Key areas to fish are at the overflow and along deep weed channels, all of which can be accessed around the dam.

Steenkampsberg Dam

Our trophy water, this 18 HA dam offers fish space, food source and safety to grow large! This water is particularly challenging to fish, as big fish are generally smart but also bank access is limited making float-tubing the preferred method.

Key areas to fish include the drop offs directly off the dam wall and the shallow bank toward the jetty.

Steenkampsberg Dam also plays host to a secluded bird hide for those more interested in the feathered options available at Groenvlei Farm.

Waterfall Dam

This is the highest dam on the property and boast a year round overflow toward Blesbok dam. Being set high in the craggy hills makes Waterfall Dam appear small, but don’t be fooled, this dam is deep and is home to some large trout and bass.

We have had success at every access point around the dam so one should not turn their nose up at fishing it.

Key tactic when fishing: slowly retrieved flies on intermediate lines are often met with regular bumps.

Moses Dam

Moses dam is closest to Boschbank House, and is perfect to fish while waiting for the braai coals to settle. It is a very shallow dam in comparison to the others, but this makes sight fishing a fun and challenging possibility. This is particularly in the warmer months when bass fishing is at its best.

Key areas to fish include the island for it visibility and long casts toward the heavily weeded shallows.

Blesbok Dam

A beautiful dam on the property situated within walking distance between both Moses and Waterfall dams.

Boasting a large surface area and uniform depth this dam offers both novice and advanced fly fisherman unique challenges. There are two jetty access points that regularly produce fish but the fishing is productive all around the water.

Key tactic: Long leaders on floating lines often help suspend flies above the significant weed beds and this tactic often leads to success.

Katrinarust Trout Farm

Katrinarust is the source of our perfectly stocked trout.

To challenge yourself on our world-class waters is simple a phone call away, call us today on 082 682 0584 to make your booking. For latest fishing reports and photos, please visit the Groenvlei Farm Facebook page.


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