Free Range Eggs

From the farm to the table

There is “free range” and then there is Free Range! At Groenvlei Farm our chickens are truly free range. They are supplemented with laying feed, but spend most of their days outside foraging for natural food sources. This makes our eggs as healthy as Mother Nature intended and absolutely delicious.

An outing experience

The chicken laying pens are within short walking distance from the Boschbank cottage, and a short drive from the other cottages. You are welcome, with prior arrangement, to visit the chickens or collect free-range egg orders. Simply enquire with a member of the Groenvlei team as to the current prices of the eggs.

Additional eggs may be ordered and purchased prior to leaving. They will be ready and waiting at your cottage before your leave.

Stud Cattle

A working farm

Groenvlei has a newly established Drakensberger stud. The Drakensberger is one of the only three indigenous cattle breeds of South Africa. And can be best described as a medium frame animal with a smooth black coat and remarkable length and depth of body as well as having a calm demeanor. Breeding animals are selected to meet the breeding associations standards and bulls under go veld testing before final selection.

For breeding and more information, please click here.

If you are interested in our breeding initiatives please make contact with the Groenvlei Farm team.