Groenvlei Farm is what we consider to be the finest fly-fishing farm in the Dullstroom/Belfast area. It’s a pretty big statement to make, but one we to take very seriously.

There is more to Groenvlei Farm than simply an outstanding stillwater trout fishery. We offer superb family accommodation, a free-range egg production unit and of course Groenvlei is a working farm, actively specializing in scarce game and stud cattle.

Flora & Fauna

Adding to the beauty of your favourite pastime

Finding pleasure in your environment is easy when you are as blessed with such magnificent surroundings. Appreciating birdlife, wildlife and plant life will only further enhance your experience at Groenvlei Farm and we actively encourage you to tick a few new species boxes during your stay.

Birds at Groenvlei Farm

150 species of birds have been recorded at Groenvlei.  This large number of species is particularly a result of the eight different natural habitats to be found in the reserve.  A number of these species are endangered, vulnerable or near-threatened and, accordingly, some rare sightings have been recorded.

A list of all recorded species has been compiled and can be accessed by clicking here.

Groenvlei Farms Mammals, Snakes, Frogs and Butterflies

There is a wide variety of mammal life in the area; from baboons to rabbits, cats, zebra, black wildebeest, hyena, jackal, mongoose and at least eleven different buck species.

A list of the recorded mammal, snake, frog and butterfly species seen on the reserve can be accessed by clicking here.

Plant Life at Groenvlei Farm

The natural habitats that exist at Groenvlei Farm include mountain areas, cliffs, rivers, marshes and grasslands.

As with the bird species, the reserve supports a wide variety of plant species, a record of which can be accessed by clicking here.


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